Error 0x80040154 description


Microsoft Outlook is undeniably one of the most used email clients that is widely popular. With an Outlook Express in your computer, you can easily manage your emails from a single place. As you keep accumulating data in your Windows operating system machine, it is highly possible that errors too build up. When you run Outlook and you get an error message with an error code 0x80040154, you are not alone. Error 0x80040154 is mainly caused due to problems in the Outlook Express configuration and setup.

Error 0x80040154 causes

Error 0x80040154 causes:

The only reason for error 0x80040154 is corrupted files in the Outlook Express program. This error lets you start your Outlook and check your mails. When you try to send or receive an email, you may get error code 0x80040154. Sometimes, the error code is accompanied by the message unknown error. If there is an unknown error, you can do nothing about it. There is no need to panic as yet because resolving this problem is possible.

By following 3 simple steps you can fix Error 0x80040154 other related mail & registry problems.
All you have to do is run a free scan to see exactly what is wrong with your system, and click the 'repair' button to fix Error 0x80040154 and other system related errors.

Troubleshooting Error 0x80040154

Windows operating system has basic registry repair tool that can be utilized when there are minor problems in your Windows system registry. Obviously, when you have corrupted Windows Outlook Express, it means that some of the registry entries are corrupted. By making changes to the dll file, you can continue using the program.

Click on start and run. In the run window, type regsvr32 inetcomm.dll. This utility tool is a system tool that attempts to repair the dll file. Unregistered dll file can create error 0x80040154 in Outlook and by registering the dll file, the problem can be solved.

Sometimes, even after registering the dll file, you will be getting error 0x80040154 again and again while using Outlook. This means that problem is with some conflicting software. To find out whether it is true, you have to start your computer in Safe Mode With Networking option. You should try using Outlook with your computer. If you are unable to open Outlook Express, then it means that there is a conflicting program in your computer that prevents Outlook from communicating. It is time for you to download a proper antivirus and anti-spyware program to solve the issue.

Even after finding and repairing virus or malware, if you are unable to access Outlook Express, then it means that your Outlook application is totally corrupted. In that case, you have uninstall and reinstall the application once again.

It is so easy!!!

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Fix Error 0x80040154

Recommended Error 0x80040154 Solution

Step 1:
download now Download Error 0x80040154
repair tool.

Step 2:
Scan Click 'Scan' to start a free scan of your system

Step 3:
repair Click the 'Repair' button to fix Error 0x80040154

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